Exhaust heat shield S2

On the cat pipe bend to the left of the car (when looking at rear) the cat pipe has some bolt holes top and bottom to hold a bit of tin. The tin on mine has corroded and probably needs replacing. Could I get away with some exhaust lagging wrapped round the pipe rather than the tin? or is this quite critical to protecting the clam? ItItss £100. actually I think its £200 total as its in two parts.

I think its called muffler heat shield muffler ‘U’ bend lower D120S0030F

If you are ok with not having the lotus part you can buy , cut and shape nimbus yourself.

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I’ve wrapped them on each of my S2. I think price aside that they’re no longer available from Lotus so you’re relying on a good used one to come up.

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We have wrapped loads, as even if you find a good used heatshield, chances are the captives in your U pipe have sheared/rusted off, with the remains of bolts in them. If you’re really lucky, there’s a broken drill bit in there. If you’re the luckiest man ever, there’s a broken easy out in there! They really are the best!
There’s exhaust wrap and exhaust wrap to fair. The one we are are using at the moment is the volcanic stuff from Funk Motorsport. So far, so good. Back in the day you would have to replace it every few track days, this seems to last betterer. It doesn’t smoke when you first warm it up.
We use these to lock them in place, work perfectly, stainless cable ties | Search | Toolstation, cost pennies.


Excellent tips thanks guys. I just didn’t want to set anything on fire.

As it happens my brackets are all intact. It’s the metal that’s seen better days.

I try the rap you recommended.