Exhaust given up the ghost

Ok, choices choices, the pipe decided to break away from my box on the way back from Le Mans so need an new exhaust… question for the day is which one… answers on a postcard to…

Seriously though, Janspeed has been recommended, but also hav seen a few recommend the Boyz system… interested in your thoughts for others…

My criteria is -

  1. Doesnt cause my bank manager to call me up
  2. Is sufficiently throaty (cant stand quiet tinny exhausts)to do the car justice
  3. Stainless steel
  4. Ideally has a twin pipe outlet (not essential but quite like mine)
  5. Wont get me banned from tracks (kind of rules the eliseparts system out)

Any pics and sound appreciated.



I have the Eliseparts exhaust and have done a trackday at Bedford with a cat on no probs - they are very strict and it is 98db limit so wouldn’t rule it out. I am going to try it with a silenced cat replacement pipe next time to see if it gets away with that.

The Larini is not cheap, so I’d say the Boyz with the optional twin pipe (they’re a little meater sized than the std twin pipe).