Exhaust gas recirculation into cabin?

Hi guys,

I noticed that the exige rear end causes a huge air swirl because the back gets rather dirty after every track session.

Is it normal that the exhaust gases will be recirculated back into the cabin? I’m getting this awful smell while driving with the windows up.

I had the tailpipes extended but it only helps a bit.

I had gases in the cabin but that was a leaky exhaust gasket (and made me as sick as a dog).

A few people get fuel smells after filling up.


Ian, do you mean a leaking manifold gasket or silencer gasket?

I just can’t imagine how the smell can get all the way back into the cabin. I get this smell when I go full throttle (when car runs rich for power). Can’t help thinking it’s not healhty to drive it all day, inhaling all that CO.

I have also experienced this, there must be a leak on your exhaust somewhere and the fumes manage to find their way into the cabin. take off the undertray start the car and check for leaks.
this can make you really ill, so I’d see to it sooner rather than later

Ian, do you mean a leaking manifold gasket or silencer gasket?

Silencer, one end of the SCRP.


this can make you really ill, so I’d see to it sooner rather than later

Tell me about it!

It’s like really bad flu without a snotty nose.

Shivers, aches, headache, etc. Not nice. I got it after a 5 hr drive up to Anglesey and then back the following day (post trackday).

And it was a very small leak. That said, I couldn’t really smell it, as carbon-monoxide doesn’t have a smell. It was spotted during a service and the dealer did try and patch it as I foolishly didn’t want to pay the labour to get it fixed as I was getting a new zorst when I got back. That was a mistake.


Thanks guys! I’ll get the exhaust system checked.

I guess you’re not driving around with your window down, but it’s a documented “feature” that with the window down, the cabin has a low pressure and air can be drawn from the engine bay into the cabin (whereas you’d expect an open window would get rid of the smells)

David, where can I find this document?

I thought steady air in the cabin = high pressure region, no matter whether the windows are up or down. Has anybody smoked in the car to see where the smoke goes?

Well I do drive with windows up to reduce the drag a bit (psychologically)

Do you mean air from the engine bay will get into the cabin from holes and gaps in the bulkhead and rear window?

Just checked my exhaust system. And yes, I have two leaking crp gaskets!

Thanks a lot for the diagnosis!

I was also told, especially if you have a Cat which gets very hot, that the escaping gases from leaking gaskets can burn the clam.

If you take off the plastic covers between the seats (over the handbrake) you’ll get a good few holes.