Exhaust exit angle - S2 ‘S’

Forgive my first post being more on aesthetics, that probably should take a back seat but, one of the first things that struck me, and a few friends who’ve seen the car, is the strange down wards angle of the exhaust. I’ve googled exige images and it appears ‘correct’ but is there a way way to straighten it so it exits parallel to the ground?
I have searched for any previous question with no joy so am wondering if I’m being a bit of a f*nny here and i should just wind my neck in :man_shrugging:t3:
Larini fitted so not standard exhaust

I’m not sure about the Larini, but on the few 2bular backboxes that I’ve had to play around with it’s always been a balancing act between straining the hangers, clearing the diffuser and aesthetic angle on the tailpipe.

The backbox has an elbow on the OS of the car which curves around, if you have the tailpipe “too parallel” you can end up with that elbow fouling the diffuser. Go to any Lotus meet and you’ll hear at least one S2 rattling away when it starts up due to this :laughing: So to get max clearance, you need to force the tailpipe towards the floor, which angles the elbow upwards.

Ultimately though you’re limited by the play in the rubber hangers, best you can do is slacken off the clamp (but buy a replacement first, they tend to corrode and be single use items) and see how much you can rotate it.

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Cheers for the rapid reply. If it stops raining i might have a look under and see if there’s any scope to adjust. I need to give myself a slap, it’s not that big a deal i suppose😆