Exhaust bay heat shield

The Exige is having a bit of winter maintenance at the minute and I’d like to replace the exhaust bay heat shield due to degradation. Do you recommend a standard replacement part or something like nimbus? Who am I choosing to supply it? Is it ok to fit with the clam still fitted? I notice the heat shield continues beyond the boot floor, I assume nimbus wouldn’t provide a weight bearing surface?
Lastly, what’s the best solution to get hot air out of the bay without letting loads of road filth in there?

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Hi Kurt

It`s a long time since we spoken I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year.

When I replaced the heat shield I used Nimbus fixed to the old shield as a template. I did have the clam off at the time so it was quite easy. The nimbus came from Elise shop this was a few years ago though.
From what I can see the original heat shield does not support any weight.
To get rid of the hot air I have cut out the clam near the fog lights and put spacers in the rear diffuser to leave a gap between that and the clam. I have seen holes put in the clam where the number plate fits as well.

Are you still planning on going to the Le Mans Classic this year?


Hi Paul,

Heck yes it’s been about a year (if not more). It’s all change for me as our daughter was born in August and that means that most thing automotive have taken a back seat. With 4 demanding females in the house (inc the dog), my “me time” is limited, and I’ll be lucky to get the Exige done for the Le Mans Classic. I have to pull my finger out though as the Exige and I are booked onto the ferry and my father in law is going in his XKR. That is also the time I will leave the RAF after 23 years and become a stay at home Dad to Amy, so big changes ahead.

I have a few little issues that I need to resolve including a small coolant leak, oil leak and exhaust leak, and all this discovered as I jacked the car for a suspension wishbone removal and paint! I may have to put off the painting. The exhaust flex joint was leaking, so a replacement has been ordered from PTP. I did enquire with 2bular for a full replacement inc manifold and cat, but that will have to wait until I receive my gratuity. The oil and coolant leaks need further investigation.

I’ll remove the heat shield. Did you attach the Nimbus to the original part? I think I’d like to use the nimbus by itself if it has the structural integrity, or better still use a piece of alloy sheet with the nimbus attached.

Have you any events planned for the year ahead? Happy New Year to you and your family.


Congrats on the addition to your family, you have a big change ahead then, after 23 years of life in the RAF I bet you are looking forward to being at home while she grows up. The worst thing about working away when they are young is they change so quickly.
At least you will be able to get out in the Lotus a bit more. Sometimes the only way to get my son to sleep was to take him out in the car within a couple of miles he would be sound asleep until you turned back into the drive then he would be awake again so that was my excuse for long drives.

I did attach the Nimbus to the old shield as I did not think it would be strong enough on its own and would create even more annoying squeaks and rattles, I still have one I have not managed to solve after 6 years
A thin sheet of ally behind would give enough rigidity to hold the Nimbus in place.

I am booked for the Classic as well we are staying with Club Le Mob at Chateau De Eporce.
I am going on the Thursday morning taking the tunnel at lunch time and then down to Le Mans for dinner.
I have also booked the track laps before the race just have to remember to set our watches to the correct time as we missed our slot at the last classic.

Let me know your schedule and we can meet up somewhere, or if you get chance before then.
I did not get to any Lotus meets last year we have been busy at work and I did quite a few track days on the bike.

On the Lotus side I have just replaced the cam belt, engine mountings and painted the springs as the paint had started to peel off. I am hoping by the time I finish this trip away the weather might improve so I can give it a few runs but it does not look promising.

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Think we should start a thread. And the title would be

How many Ex and serving Servicemen and Women own an S1 Exige?

What do you think?

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Deffo, another insight to Exige/Lotus mentality

This was my solution and it works. (there are holes in the cover below the ducts, of course, but they are not obvious in this photo) Not popular with the collective though as I’ve not seen another done this way. I still think it’s quite elegant.

Plus, of course holes in the kam tail behind the grills next to the reflectors.