EVO's GT4 competition

For those of you who don’t know, EVO magazine are running a competition to win a Ruf DVD. They’re giving them away to the fastest people in Gran Turismo 4’s Internation A License test 7. I’m not that bothered about the prize, but I enjoy a challenge.

Anybody else tried it? It’s a surprisingly fun challenge. My best time so far is 33.396 seconds, which seems pretty respectable to me. However, they’ve listed the current leaderboard in this months issue and 40th place is currently a 32.931
I reckon I could probably beat this, but the no.1 time is 31.084! I just can’t imagine how I could go over 2 seconds quicker.

Any advice?

I got a 33.749 and then could not be ar*ed to do it again - thats with a standard controller - no wheel
They ask for proof ie a screen shot could do a bit of Photoshop people are going to cheat

I found out that you can cheat by wall-riding. Spoilt the whole thing for me

hello mate,

i spend hours on this challenge, i found myself getting proper annoyed, then realised the wall trick, i is without doubt the only way people are getting these quick times, so if you cant beat them join them.

I completely agree with you and it spoils the whole challenge, but after many attempts i managed a 32.691 which i think is good enough for about 16/17th, so pretty happy with that.

There is know way that the top times are being done fairely, think there are some clever editors out there!

How are your times with the wall riding mate?



Hi Jay,

I see you’re new here. Welcome

Since I discovered everybody was cheating, I simply gave up. There’s just no fun in it any more. Sorry.

To win a DVD ? Oh my… are they sure their budget can stretch to it ? I’m going to have a word with Harry Metcalfe… I think they’ve overstretched themselves this time… I’ll see if the winner would be happy to accept a photo of a Ruf Porsche… otherwise I can see the prize taking Evo under.

Yeah not only was their coverage of the tuner GP rubbish, all they did was talk about bloody subarus, because my Evo was late last month they send me a picture of the backside of a veyron, hmm thanks for that.
A whole DVD, that must cost them a fortune in postage and packing.
I will not be re-newing my subscription.


I think it’s poor show when these games designers leave these sort of cheats in their games. Damn lazy I say, what do you reckon Brendan?

hey ya Brendan

Yeah am new on here, ive put a deposit down on keanes exige (kp78 login name) So fingers crossed will hopefully be the proud owner of it, i had an elise for 2 years, and am currently driving an integra r.

I agree with you mate, it does take the whole fun out if it, they should have chose a level with no walls, simply track. I fouond myself having a go after seeing the article in evo, then getting carried away until i made it on the board.

all the best



Congratulations on putting a deposit down on keanes exige, its a lovely machine.


thanks mate , i know, i feel in love with it.

Keane is a top bloke aswell, think you name came up in conversation, you got the v-tec conversion? He said it was mental! Love the honda engines, got 163 out of my teg, think the speedos are out slightly, but… not bad for a 1.8. Whats yours? the k20 civic lump?



I think it’s poor show when these games designers leave these sort of cheats in their games. Damn lazy I say, what do you reckon Brendan?

I hope you’re not suggesting I’m like that, Steve

It does seem like a very easy thing for them to fix. I can’t understand why they didn’t.

yep ive got the k20 from the civic with the jackson racing supercharger on 300+ bhp, ive had 164gps on the way back from the nurburgring chasing a porker.
Will be at brands tomorrow if you can get along.
Keanes a good bloke,


Oh mate! 300bhp! That must be mental!

I would mate, but ive gotta work, however i am seriousely up for track days, so hopefully get 2 c your monster at one soon