EVO TCoTY - Blink Elise-R whoops'rse

Track Car of the Year in this months EVO. They’ve included three Loti - new 135R, a VX Turbo (Lotus in sheeps clothing) and a Honda Type-R engined Elise by Blink(/BaT).

Well, the track oriented 135R got lovely reports but came across as underpowered, the VXT was a hoot and the Elise-R was an old chassis but blooming fast. Then I turned to the lap times (which aren’t the point, as they state, on Trackdays but an interesting indication) - IT’S AS FAST A 360BHP 1000KG NOBLE!!! That’s not the original Noble, that’s the new (so called) faster one! And this is in a tired S1 Elise chassis (albeit with Yoko 48s I believe) with a std Civic Type-R engine, not Russ’ 220+bhp beasty. How on earth they called the conversation expensive @ �10k?!

Jonny, what have you helped create?? I’m saving up!


ps. There’s also some rather disturbing news in the mag about electric windows in an Elise (the things those yanks demand!)