EVO Sept 2003 - VXT Sprint (ouch!) & Elise GT1

Pre-production version of the VX Turbo Sprint. 237bhp, 240lb ft(!). 160mph, 0-60 4sec, 0-100 sub-10secs. Won’t be this hot, should be around �30k. [Exiges may need Honda engines not to be embarrassed. Although we can always hide behind our real sportscar badge]

Couple of pages on the ELise GT1 (only ever road going one) as the ulimate 1990s Street Racer.

So long as the idiots don’t think “hey, with all this power, we can add more things like cupholders, electric windows and satnav…”

I wonder how much downforce it’ll have ?

There’s a slight lip on the back that I’m not sure is on the std VX but otherwise looks pretty normal. Not even any ‘Edwards’ defuser efforts.

With a name like Sprint I’d be surprised (or would I actually) if they added too many ‘features’.