Evo Magazine Scan: S2 Exige @ Cadwell

for those that don’t visit the SELOC site - theres a post there on this:

web page

Save a click edit - Andy

Those that don’t visit SELOC won’t have a login/password to view that thread then will they Steve

but worth getting one if you want to read the article

Seloc any good then guys?

Seloc any good then guys?

Just been banned !

For what ?

Seloc any good then guys?

Just been banned !

You been upsetting the locals?

Very unlike me, I just called a company (not an indivual I might add) ‘a bunch of cnuts’, so I can understand their concern, but hell, you can type in FCUK and it’s ok, so I thought my not ‘cnuts’.

Anyway, my account has been suspended - I can view but not reply or post.

Oh well, more important things on at the moment to worry about.

Like coming here instead!


LMAO Pete !!

You’re a bloody trouble maker you are !

Looking forward to Friday/Saturday !

Maybe I was a tad too free with my expression, but hey it’s done now !

We are heading upto the NE early doors Friday with a stealth stop off at Hethal (no names no pack drill).
Spoke with Gav last week and he is picking his car up from Kent early Friday so we may meet up on the way, anywhere beyond Nottingham is Johnny Foreigner to me, so I will need a local to guide us.

Beer Friday
Drive Saturday
Beer Saturday

Is there any thing else ?

Can’t do the beer Saturday unfortunately, but still looking forward to it !

I am surprised by that Pete!

From my experience the moderation on Seloc is very lax and sporadic.

Were those words aimed at one of their advertisers, otherwise I’m surprised as well. Some of the avatars are worse than your comments.

Not aimed at any advertiser, but aimed at one of the companys being discussed in the thread - totally unrelated and not in any way unconnected to SELOC/Lotus/motoring/any sponser.

I’ve asked them for an explanation…

Fully reinstated

I’ve asked them for an explanation…

Did you mention towing eyes?

I’ve asked them for an explanation…

Did you mention towing eyes?

Don’t you start

Used to be a nice, quiet, no-trouble place this did until FatusCatus arrived…