EVO Magazine S1 v S2 Reprint!

Im looking for the 4 page reprint from EVO Magazine’s May 2004 issue given to Lotus dealers for the launch of the S2 comparing the S1 v S2!
Or the actual EVO magazine from that month!


I now own the Blue S2 Exige used in that article and I have a copy of that Edition of Evo. So I wouldn’t be willing to give it up, but I would be happy to scan it for you if you send me your email address.

I think you will find that that edition is no longer available as a back order.

Thanks for the offer but a kind chap from SELOC sent me the reprint!

Why didnt you go for the S1???


if you send it to me as a pdf file at [email protected] I’ll upload it to the articles section

Probably because he read the review

Probably because he read the review

Yeah, but EVO mag is always biased towards new cars!!!

Yeah, but EVO mag is always biased towards new cars!!!

I really like the mag (have every copy) but it is true.

They’re also getting old and softening up a bit.


Steve you have mail


Did you get the emails with the scans you requested?


no - waited all day to see if they would come through later but they haven’t - what was the file size?

I got that month’s mag as a back number about 6 months ago, when I was trying to decide which car to go for. The actual comparison is only about 6 paragraphs worth.

Out of interest I went for the S1, not based on this report but basically because that is the one I wanted anyway.
If you particularly want the magazine itself, you can have mine.