Evo Magazine - Exige Reviews - Price Reduced

I’m about to punt off all my old copies of Evo magazine on Ebay but I thought I’d offer these up here

Issue 10 - Lotus Sport Exige, Adrian Newey’s 300BHP Elise

Issue 12 - Full story on the 340R

Issue 23 - full road test of the S1 Exige (reg W311TVF)

Issue 27 - Car of the year 2000, 340R comes 4th, S1 Exige 9th

Issue 55 - Article on VMaxing the Esthi 2.4 in germany

Issue 61 - First drive of S2 Exige prototype Au03FRC incl interview with Mathew Becker

Issue 67 - Test drive of S2 Exige (AU04EFP) incl comparison with S1 (X212KON) (4 pages)

Issue 68 - S2 Exige multi test (AU04EET) vs Noble, 911GT3RS, F360CS

Issue 91 - Exige S, first drive (1 page - reg AU55 JGX)

�1.50 each plus postage.

If anyone has any other special requests, either a vehicle or particular issue pls let me know. (Issues 1 to 5, will will be sold on Ebay, unless you make a silly offer)

Pls drop me a PM.



Ooooh, you have PM…



hope you are going to scan them and post some links

Bugger, I gave mine all away

I was going to bin (recycle) the lot then I saw how much issues 1 to 10 are going for on ebay. I’m not normally this greedy but I just sent off a big cheque to pay for a new interior for my splitty only for a lovely original one to be put up for sale for threpence


I’d better go and lock mine up, I have every issue, goodness knows what that’s worth!!!


i have every issue also,my shelving in wardrobe is still holding up,just!

61 and 67 now sold

lol Bob, is this the new plan to get the Forcedfed kit

have you been in the car yet , you live so close.

I wish!

I’m a bit busy with my other project to get over to see it but I will make time soon. Sat am poss.

I know it will all end in divorce…