EVO magazine Evora competition

I don’t know if any of you chaps entered, but given my mutual love for cars and writing about cars I am desperate to win. If any of you have a second to read my road test and rate me well I am prepared to do just about anything! Thanks loads.


Evo sucks. The pOrsche always wins :angry:

Seemed a bit of a corporate ball ache…lazy I am lol

Done my bit for you, Chevron!

Having looked at other comments on your review, what are "Queefoids? mentioned by a friendly Nylocer?

sorted…I think.

good luck

Cheers for the help, chaps.

I think “Queefoids” is a reference to Sniffpetrol and their resident road tester Troy Queef. PaulT constantly refers to me thus. I take that to be a very bad thing.

Troy Queef! Good greef!