EVO Long term Exige S2

Just opened the new edition of EVO…& they have just taken delivery of a S2 Exige. Nice choice of spec too, but I won’t spoil things by spilling the beans

Could be 12 months or so happy reading


Cool. EVO are often accused of having a Porsche bias, so it’s nice that they now have three Lotus on long term test.

Blime! Read it last night, the journo (Richard Meaden) spent his own money on it (Trudy’s colour). This is a man that spends his life driving the newest bestest driving machines known to man! He’s also one of their top drivers, the chap that gave the S1 5-stars (their highest rating) and owns the lighest known trackcar in the UK (apparently to appear in PS2 GT4).

Of course he selected the Performance Pack.