EVO dissing lotus again

Whilst at the same time on what must be a slack month for real news give a few pages to the wonderment that is the 911 :crazy:

If you haven’t seen it yet they claim morale is rock bottom & the Esprit is canned along with the new V8

Surely if they keepplaying the same old record, people will believe every word & not buy the cars. Then they can have a special edition on how great all the Lotus models were.

Tossers (again) :tired:

I always reckon EVO generally give Lotus a rather decent press Tim?

  • do you really reckon Lotus buyers are influenced by what these journo’s say? - if so, we would all be Porker drivers by now :wink:

Keep the faith!!

picked the Evora up today Simon…my faith is stronger than ever. The Evora S is epic!

Fantastic Tim - really looking forward to seeing it in the flesh :slight_smile: - please post your impressions on here (car that is!)