Evo 7 Extreme S - 380bhp/380lbs

Black (with leather interior)
November 2001
19,600 miles (just serviced)

Huge spec and one of 2 S models made on GSR base so still has A/C and normal gearing for easy daily driver.

Spec includes:

Phil Marks Extreme S spec blue printed engine.
1.5mm higher lift Phil Mark cams
1mm oversize Omega pistons
Uprated AP clutch
-1mm Group N head gasket
Makinen coils
Ported and polished Turbo housing
Group N bushes throughout
GEMS Ecu with Anti-Lag (mapped by Steve Simpson)
ITG Superflow Air filter
RS450 Header pipe
Full Hayward and Scott exhaust system
Grp A dump valve
Superflow fuel pump
K1 Sports ACD unit
362mm grooved front discs with AP 6 pot calipers and 4 pot AP’s at rear wiht Pagid pads
Ralliart Brake cooling ducts
Eibach springs
Front and rear Ralliart strut braces
Ralliart pedal extensions
Electric sunroof
Sony 10 disc CD
Privacy glass
Tracker Monitor

This car was �50,000 new.

Almost half-price now at �28,500, which I think is a very fair price for a rare Evo that should not depreciate much if looked after.

Email me if interested.

Photo: http://f2.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/ally_r2000/detail?.dir=/a24e&.dnm=239c.jpg

Garage clear-out Ally?!

I can confirm this thing is a monster.

I love the anti-lag switch in the ash-tray, every car should have one!


Don’t suppose you want to swap either of these for a civci type-R? Oh, I’ll chuck the wife in too!

You forgot to add ‘NEVER used on a track’

A bit of spring cleaning Ian.

Btw, that’s you in the passenger seat in the photo.

Mail me photos of the wife.

P.S. Oh, photo, taken on my driveway. Only tracked 3 times - honest.

hiya ally…im really intressed!!! thinking of getting a exige & playying wi audi turbo engine!!! but im kinda use to these rally slags now 4 wheel drive…& iv bin looking 4 a evo 7 extreme 4 a while now…iv gota a scooby p1 at the mo…what kinda boost is it running at? u got any photos u can email me???

emails [email protected] cheers

u got any photos u can email me???

There’s a link to one at the bottom of the top post.