Everyday car?


I’m close to striking a deal for a new exige that i will be using as an everyday car. My only concern is the tyres in the winter. I’ve a similar thread running on piston heads and have been reliably informed that A539’s are a good choice.

Do any of you run your S2 Exige all year round? any problems or advice? especially with the tyres!

Thanks and looking forward to becoming a lotus owner again.

A 039’s you mean.
Yes, they clear water better than the 48"s.

But you can’t escape the fact that it’s a light car with fat tyres. Bad recipy for adhesion in wet/ice.

It can be done. Many here do.

i was told A539 or A039.

would like to get the opinion of a few people that run theres through the winter.

i’ve ran a lotus s2 st for 2 years everyday without too much trouble.

i’ve done a search regarding the tyres but no-one has said i run xyz all year round and they are fine. just need some confidence in the all year usability before i spend my hard earned.


I tried 539s on my Elise a few years ago. They were just OK, slightly more grip than the original Pirelli P0s, but with less feel. I wouldn’t recommend them for an Exige.
A039s are an excellent road tyre, perfect for the Exige, but very expensive.
I run A048s all year round. They’re amazing on a dry road, and surprisingly good (considering their appearance) in the wet. They should be treated with extreme caution in very bad conditions, but I haven’t had any problems.

I use my everyday and never really had a problem…just drive a little more caerfully in the cold weather.

just drive a little more caerfully in the cold weather.

That’s the real key - you just have to adjust more to the conditions and recognise that on days when there is ice, snow, really heavy rain, standing water etc you will not be the fastest car on the road.

Whilst I don’t use mine everyday now, I used to use it very frequently and in about 5 years there have only been 3 or 4 times when the driving conditions have made me feel really uncomfortable. On the other hand, I cannot count the number of occasions I have not wanted to stop on coming to the end of a journey

Used mine all last year as an only car no prob

thanks gents.

expect to see another one on the road shortly! probably order at the weekend.

i’m going for magnetic blue with black wheels and undertray. sports tourer with aircon.

sound ok?

You thinking of tracking it?
If yes you might want to consider the 4 point harnesses etc

no track work, it will be almost exclusively for the commute. I have a 7 for trackdays.

cheers for the help

i use mine all year and can be regularly seen bombing along the m4 from london to wales i.e. monthly … its not the most practical car in the world but certainly liveable with. A048’s are the daddy in the dry (i find) but can get lary in the wet (when water is pooled on the surface)

i’ve used mine all year as an everyday drive for 4+ years now… A039’s A048’s A460’s and Toyo T1S have all been on it… if you want it you will drive it … just make sure you understand the limits with the various tyres in various conditions.

I’ve driven in some pretty (d)icy conditions with all of them and the rules are the same… just remember its a light, rear drive car and most of the weight is behind yer lughole… however, the really great thing is that you can feel the amount of grip no problem thru the fantastic chassis and suspension/steering etc…

I have seen 539’s onan S1 exige but the fronts are a different profile to standard as they dont make an exact match.

Pikey option is of course Toyo Proxes T1-R’s Loads of tread, displace water well but are bloody awful in comparison with all of the above. A real cheap compromise and last for ages. �312.00 for a full set fitted (S1)

over the last days have been trying to work out a deal and will be placing my order at nick whales in the morning. can’t wait until the 1st march!

thanks to all for your comments. i knew that you’d convince me to spend my hard earned! thanks

Are you having a stock car from them, if so which one and what colour.

its a new 06 spec car. magentic blue st ac etc.

its not in there stock yet. delivered from factory in the next week or so.

why? hope i haven’t guzumped you!

No, just interested…I have a titanuim one which is having it’s 1000 mile service today…let the good times roll