ever heard of this before? and SC Vs turbo verdict

Got my S1 Exige Audi 1.8t a couple of weeks ago, then gave it a good dose of tlc before taxing & insuring. So first drive out yesterday and the car is erratic performance-wise, black puffs of smoke and the odd pop/bang. Felt like boost was leaking from somewhere.
Bear in mind the last owner was a great guy and on the test drive it did feel erratic (but he drove in a way the compensated for it).
Anyway, thought maybe the Forge recirc valve was sticky so I removed it to give it a good clean & lubing.
Imagine my surprise when I took the top off (after removing the 6 tiny cap head bolts) and find its got no innards.
Yep, no spring, no cup/seal - nothing…
You could see through from one port to the other - no wonder there was erratic boost, I think the poor Greddy BC was doing its best to compensate, but bless it, it was trying to achieve the impossible.
Now the question is…why the heck would anyone remove the guts of the valve???
All I can think is that a dodgy mechanic needed a new dump valve and did a swap???
Anyway, luckily I have an S3 too so I raped it of its recirc valve.

OMG the exige flies now, I can honestly say that I have never had such a high heart rate or adrenaline level in my life!
I have tracked a 440hp supercharged atom which was amazing, BUT the theatre of a turbo charged monster is much more fun :slight_smile:

So all those indecisive regarding charged honda or turbo’d audi, the choice simply comes down to - predictable (and a little boring) power delivery with a bpm of around 80, OR a monster gargling behind your head, threatening to kill you at a moment’s notice if you dare look back at it and a bpm of 120 - the theatre and drama are totally addictive and far more fun than a boring sc!!! (and more likely to kill you!)

Congrats. Pics please.


Having seen the look on IDG’s face after driving AndyD’s monster I’m minded to agree with you!

I’d never describe my Honda SC+CC power delivery as boring but it is linear and predictable. Looking forward to seeing the car,…few of us at Donny next month on the 19th (I think).

No you’re right, boring isn’t at all the right adjective, still scary but in a less wild(?) Way. I’m sure SC is quicker and easier and I’ll probably want to swap after a couple of wet laps!