European Track Insurance - Zandvoort

Any one else off to Zandvoort this weekend ?

Just called AutoTorque to use one of my track life lines and was told they dont cover European(Non UK) tracks… any one else had this problem - very disappointed as I took their policy to get Track day coverage - reminder to self must check small print in future or ask specifically for country coverage…

Any ideas on what to do, not sure I want to outlay �200 on a 1 day policy…



I understand there’s only really one nasty bend (although I’m not sure if that’s the one Peter Dunbreak turns his DTM naked in).


Try Eggar Lawson…CC1 01159415255 they fixed me up for France

Esteem covered me …

But my alternator went pop as I drove on the ferry and its at van Sten now hopefully ready for tomorrow but doubtfull