Esteem Insurance

Any one out there using Esteem and got a number to contact them on? I have an 01483 number off the Lotus website but no body picks up and even the answer machine has no greeting message? Is it just me or has anyone else had same issues getting hold of them? either they dont need the business or theyre out enjoying Lotus cars - or may be the number I have is wrong

I have 01483-706060 I have left messages and they called me back.

I am too thinking of insuring with them, but am not too sure, as they are not really cheaper. They do offer cover for trackdays but have to ask how much damage cover, etc. May not be worth it.

Are they that small a company? they sure give that impression.

ESteem is a branch of AON … they are not small

Typical - tried again after posting and got through… however the quote was going to be very pricey as I have no no claims (lost 5 years no claims by going to the States for more than 2 years and not realising I would loose them - doh ). Elephant seem best so far … have a sympathetic ear for exige owners!


John O,

And Elise

I Think my dad will be contacting you soon, The Exige is up for renewal this month.


I have used Esteem for years now with no problems.Even got excellent hassle free treatment sorting a repair to my old Europa after a Taxi re-arranged the front end.
I would recommend them.