esprit v8 reliability?

hi just wondered if anyone has had experience with the v8 esprit, i am looking for a 98/99 one with around 20000 miles, for about �30-35k. does this seem the right sort of price? and how is the reliabiliy of the car will i be spending out a fortune if i but a second hand one? any comments much appreciated.

I didn’t keep mine long enough to be able to say much about reliablility, but I seem to recall that early examples suffered with a weak clutch, which should have been replaced with a better one. They also had problems with water getting into the spark plug wells.Both of these issues should have been solved by now.

I’ve had a few- last one I sold with 19K on it, had to have major engine work shortly afterwards. I would STRONGLY recommend a good warrantee- apart from that fantastic car

They throw cambelts so make sure it has the latest spec parts fitted. They suffer oil/ water mixing problems, a fix is availble but requires full engine strip. They suffer piston failures and the gearbox and drive shafts aren’t up to the job but apart from all that they are storming cars!

Interestingly in this month’s CAR mag page 164 Barry Ely a well known E London Lotus dealer expounds the virtues of various Lotus 2nd hand buys. Top of the tree is the Exige (naturally!) but he advises strongly against buying early V8 Esprits and recommends 4 pot S4S - Owned several Esprits inc GT3 but never V8. - all were v reliable.Brendan was it you I was chattin’ with at Donington? - Mine was New Ali Exige - Peter’s was Laser BlueGood luck with your search [image][/image]