Esprit is dead

According to an article in today’s Times, Lotus has announced the end of Esprit production. Official reason is because of difficulties with eurolaw compliance. Unofficial reason is that sales have slumped from 250 per annum to 24.

Oh dear, and it was on top gear last sunday with everyone singing it’s praises! Actually they mentioned on the program that the run would have to end soon due to lack of gearboxes (apparently it’s from a Renault 21 or some such exotica [image][/image])Shame tho… I always fancied doing the Roger Moore impression!!Peter

Thats right it is due to lack of gearboxes, Lotus bought up all the remaining ones apparently

I thought you had to be able to provide spare parts for something like 10 years on production cars currently on sale?For Lotus’ sake, let’s hope Renault build good gearboxes(!?).Ian [image][/image]

sales might have slumped to 24 a year in Europe of the Esprit but the majority of the cars come stateside. Around 125 a year