er....well im back

och, i know i know after all the “you ll be back” comments

I am currently enjoying my big fast jap taxi a.k.a Skyline GTR…and i must say ive nearly had her a year now which is the longest ive ever kept a car for but im now very sexed up on a new aspen white exige S.

Dare i return to the dark side? Is the exige S as good as the media say? Is the whine from the supercharger as audible in the S as in the 240r?

Help!! Its like sex pest texting an ex!! Been down the road before and all that

Good move, could see you looking longingly at my car when you passed me earlier… ha!

i was blinded by the glare of the wasp. You thought i was waving but i was merely shielding my eyes


Bollox to what the media says (good or bad), drive one, & if YOU like it, buy the bugger

Look forward to seeing the pics

Thought you’d be back, anyway I’ve driven the Exige S and it’s the dogs B’s what more can I say - may the force be with you Koopa Wan