Engine Ticking

I have recently bought an exige and just wondered if it is normal to have a ticking noise coming from the engine (I have been told it may be the hydraulic tappets that are in need of some attention). Any info is most welcome

Where is the noise from ? camshaft area ?

The Exige does not have hydraulic tappets, they are called solid tappets with the gaps adjusted by little 10mm biscuit shims, it may just need a re-shim.

When it stops ticking … run like hell

That’s not funny… especially at my age and in my condition

Have you checked the oil

Much more likely to be piston slap, which is more pronounced when cold…

It happens because the aluminium pistons expand more than the equivalent steel ones, so the gaps when cold need to be bigger…

If it is, it is not a problem, provided it more or less goes away when hot !!

Piston slap is more of a ‘knock’ than a tick

Piston slap is more of a ‘knock’ than a tick

Or maybe a ‘tock’ ??

LOL! Tick or tock

Anyway it’s probably the tappet noise you’re thinking, it it loud but as my dad always says “a noisey tappet is a happy tappet”

If they’re silent then you’re valves aren’t closing and you won’t be getting full power / it may explode as the bomb has reached the end of the timer

Ok, thanks for taking the piss … and for your help

The sound is absent when the engine is cold or warm. Its only after some ‘spirited’ driving miles that it gets loud. Could it be the quality of oil ?

Please note : You have probably guessed that I know feck all about engines.

As always, any help is most welcome guys.

Could be your oil gets too thin after a thrashing

What grade is it ?

I have only recently bought the car, the garage informs me that the car is running -

Valvoline VR1 Racing Motor Oil

Any help ?

Looks like there are a variety of those - see here

Can they help any more? W number for instance?


thats a 20/50W oil, you could try changing to the recommended 10/60 grade, Castrol RS or Millers.

Your right . The guy did say it was the mineral oil (20/50). Will this help (the oil is only 2 weeks old for fecks sake).

Cheers chaps

  1. A few litres of oil is a lot cheaper than an engine re-build

  2. Welcome your wallet to the world of the Exige. Darn good value though!


pistonslap when the forged pistons are cold makes the engine sound like a diesel clappering away.

The injectors on my old K used to make a helluva racket if I’d been thrashingthe engine. Could be that.