Engine Rebuild Time

About time I posted here!!
My car has now done 55,000 miles and time it had a few birthday presents.
It refuses to use more than a litre every 3000 miles, but suffers from piston slap. So against my wallets better judgement it’s getting new liners, pistons, bottom end bearings, small end bearings, clutch and bearing/gearbox seal. The cams have been shimmed before so that can wait.
Any thing else that should be done at the same time?
Any ideas on what it should cost - my guess is �2000???
At the same time I’m getting the front resprayed cos there are more stone chips than paint at the front.

My only suggestion is consider not sticking to the K-series !


Also remote stat would be a good idea

Good luck

Thanks Dave and Rob
Love to go down the Audi engine route but toy plane and car means I have to be sensible - plus which SWMBO wants a new kitchen - can’t see what is wrong with the old one it’s only 15 years old!!
Cam belt - yep that is due.
Remote 'stat?? - only had one head gasket failure in 55000 miles.

Remote 'stat?? - only had one head gasket failure in 55000 miles.

And presumably you don’t want another one?

Really exciting when it does go - I could’nt work out why it was foggy behind me and clear in front
Maybe you are right!

Remote 'stat?? - only had one head gasket failure in 55000 miles.

LOL! Said in the true spirit of Lotus ownership. I do agree with Pesky though.

I say this as a complete numpty, but if you’re doing the liners and pistons could you therefore upgrade it to 1.9?


Hi Tone

You ever been out in an audi ???

There are plenty around now !!!

You ever been out in a kitchen ?

If you’re doing pistons/liners/rings you may aswell put the 1.9 Scholar block in there. Phone DVA for more details, but it give a LOAD more grunt than the 1.8 (more than you’d expect)

can it be that much more ?

Based on the engine capacity increase only you would expect an increase proportional to that change, however because the bore size is increased the inlet valves become more unshrouded and there is less of a collision of the incoming mixture with the bore wall and this yields a larger than expected increase in volumetrics. I have converted a number of already very powerful engines from 1800 to 1900 and the increase in torque has been around 8% from a 5.5% increase in capacity. In practice that means you should gain between 8 and 10lb/ft just about everywhere with peak power coming in a bit lower in the RPM range.


Thanks Dave
How much??

The 1900 block and pistons is around the �950 mark now, that is with your old block in exchange.



How much is it for the 1.8 pistons/rings/liners ? About �750-800 no ?

Makes the 1.9 conversion look amazing value

Is the Exige block the same as any old Rover 1.8 k series block?

Yup. :slight_smile:

Not only is it the same as the 1800K as Brian says, but post 1996 the 1400, 1600 and 1800 blocks are all the same.


this is very interesting. So is the scholar block a more reliable VHPD? Is it strengthened ect? Will it still rev nice and high and with the 1.8 VHPD as a p/x how much all in? er…sorry for all the questions!