Engine rebuild almost complete

Had the VHPD out and been re-built by Jason Langan of Hellier Performance… Jason was on of the guys working on the VHPD whilst at Janspeed.
Almost all done & ready now & hoping to get it back on the road in a couple of weeks or so, then a few track days to see how much difference there is…
Should be very good!


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Great news! Not sure if you’ve been following my progress after breakdown in France late last year. Engine fully rebuilt by Ollie at Phoenix Motorsport. Done just over 600 miles with it so far and all is well. Desperate to put some miles on it but every Lotus meet that comes up seems to clash with something else. See you soon, I hope

Sounds good Mark, you at Donington with LOT on 23 Oct?

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Good to here, Thommo! Hope it settles down well for you & hope to catch up again soon.

Will get it in the diary mate, it would be great to catch up again.

Won’t be on track but might pop down to have a catch-up

And a trip to Mr Gandhis…

Indeed :+1:

Sounds great be good to catch up and will be my 1st TD in my Exige.

Any days at Blyton this year Mark?

Let me know if anyone attends Blyton. Its only a few mi down the road for me!!