engine problem

The car was running great until this weekend.

I decided to disconect the hose connecting the airbox to the NS side scoop in order to check the air filter cone. All was fine so I put it back in place. I was aware that I doing a bt of pushing and pulling of the hose and the wires down in that left hand side in order to get the end near the scoop opening but all seemed fine. Went to Bed

When I went for a drive in the car today it started fine and seemed to drive well but after a while I reaslised that it was idling at about 2500rpm and was as if the throttle was constantly on. It ran ok(ish) but at junctions when the clutch was depressed the revs stayed high before slowly dropping back down towards the 2 -2500 mark.

Being a mechanical numptie I took the hose off and looked in the area where it goes to see if there was anything obviously broken/missing/disconnected but wasnt really sure what I am looking for and couldnt see anything obvious.

Help, advice and pointers most welcome.



Might be worth a look at this thread from a while back:-



All sorted now.

Problem was a sticky IACV.
Cleaned, sprayed and put back together. Jobs a good’un

out of interest what did you use to clean and spray it with?

I used brake cleaner on mine, but it really wasn’t that bad at all.

Yup. generous spray of brake cleaner here as well.