Engine Picture

I am looking at an Exige to buy in Taiwan. But the engine looks a bit odd. One Exige was modified by replacing the exige engine with an Elise engine in a vain attempt to pass the emissions tests. How can I tell the difference. I have an Elise s2 now

The engine in the Exige is a “K” series so outward looks rather similar to the “K” series fittd to the Elise.

Main visual clues are the throttle bodies and rather large airbox plus hose in place of a plenum and remote airbox and coil pack rather than distributor.

A standard Exige should pass emissions, especially with the new “map” bought in as a recall.

If you look in owners cars at David Browns - Admin5 you can see a picture of the Exige engine.

So where are you in Taiwan ? - I visit Kaohsiung every now and then and hang out at the pig and whistle …

Are there really Exiges in Taiwan at half the price of Elises ??

Are you sure it was an elise engine, all Exige engines origanly had a cam cover that has Elise wrote on it, dont be put off by this, and a quike check of the things Andy mentions should confirm If its a VHP engine.


Have a look at this picture… although its not that clear, on the cylinder head it is stamped with a serial number, ‘0.018’ and also ‘29.8 CC’, this determines that at least the cylinder head is a VHPD one.