Engine options?

I have a standard 177bhp Exige and I have been warned by the Lotus dealer that the engine is much loader than other Exiges( I have just got used to it!). They suggested in the near future that some investigation would need to be done, taking 4- 6 hours to take the engine apart and the same to put it back together.One guy thinks it might be the small-end , his colleague thinks it might be a piston.

A suggested an alternative to the investigation was it might be worth looking at one of the specialists to improve/change the engine so at least I get something for my money.

I am a mechanical moron so DIY is out of the question, so can anyone help as to what possible alternatives there are and the possible costs?




Whereabouts are you located?

How many miles have you done? What typeof noise? Have you changed the exhaust? Mine’s sounding much louder these days, presumably as it reaches the end of it’s life.

Also who’s the dealer? It might be worth buying an after market warranty quickly.


I live in Surrey and I took the car to SGT in Maidenhead. I don’t think they are trying to make a fast buck as they were the ones who suggested going to an after market specialist.

The car has done 17,000 miles of which I have covered 15,500 and it bog standard.To be honest I didn’t appreciate that the car was making more noise, SGT told me. If I had to guess what the noise was I would say it is a mechanical ticking, but as I previously pointed out I am not much of a mechanic.Initially it did not use any oil but it does now(about 1 litre for 1,500m)so something is not quite right. If there are no alternatives I will have to get it looked at at the 18,000 mile service



Sounds like the “lifters” need re-shimming. (VHPD engine does not have tappets, but solid lifters). If this is the cause, the noise will be quite noticable on start up & until the engine/oil gets warm. As far as I know, this will not cause any damage, unless that is, the shims are extremely worn - it’s more of an annoyance than anything!

Basically, it’s a head off job & will take about 3-4 hours, & the cost of the new shims will be no more than �10 or so.

Oil usage - 1 litre per 1500 miles is quite acceptable.

I don’t know who to recommend near Maidenhead, but no doubt other Exige owners will be able to point you in the right direction.

Piston rings ? - get a compression test done and see what figures you get - should be all within a few percentage points that will at least put you in a direction at very low cost - oil is either lost (leak) or burnt - so bores/rings or valve guides or blown out of the breathers - ( crankcase compression ) - shoul dbe quite simple to establish that before a full strip down.

Lakesideengineering(.com ?), near Woking, are Lotus specialists and pretty good.

Give’em a call.


Yep, I would also recomend lakeside Engineering they are excellent! They really know their stuff…my car was leaking oil out the back after a track day (BTW it had JUST been serviced by Bell & Colvill) fearing the worst I took it to lakeside they looked at it and found B&C had over filled the gearbox oil during the service!!!

For a good reliable and honest oppinion I would go to lakeside. I will be using them in future stuff getting a main dealer stamp in the log book! Just my 2p worth!