Engine / Gearbox / Driveshafts / LSD for sale

Engine - is full DVA big valve works with steel crank. Yes it has been used in a race car, but has always been warmed up properly, and track use is probably no more than 15 trackdays. Total mileage on engine approx 8000 mostly road. Never had any head gasket issues. Inlcudes Emerald ECU. Looking for �3250, could be interested in selling ECU separately.

Gearbox is ultra close ratio quaife straight cut ratios in standard PG1 casing - excellent upgrade for VHPD engined cars used on trackdays. Looking for �750.

Motosport driveshafts - �400

Quaife LSD - �400.


What r u fitting in your car now?

You have email

is it still for sale???

No sorry. Unfortunately I am stuck with it all for another year!