Engine Cover

Hi all, Does anyone else find that their engine cover rubs/catches on the roof where the hinge is? Mine is getting worse and when closed the cover is a little higher than the roof, and i remeber reading somewhere that some poor gent lost his on the motorway as the wind got up underneath. I dont thing tape will look all that hot holding it down. Cheers.

I had the same problem with mine, just undo the 4 bolts on the hinge (on the roof not the hatch) and slide the hatch back a few mm.
Might take a few goes to get it in the right place.
As for the height i can�t see any real reason for it to be high other than a slight bent hinge or loose bolts .

Good luck

Mine catches on the left (looks form the back). I got fed up of the dealer adjusting it, it always seemed to move back. Now I just lean it over a bit when I open it.

Don’t recall anybody losing there’s (other then the guy at Donny that left it on the latch and it turned into an airbrake at Craners ).


The only time i’ve heard of some one loosing a cover was when they did a high speed spin (on track) and ended up going backwards for a bit where upon the air got under the motorsport vents and ripped it off - fix was to apply some tape down the sides or extra clips. Not heard of this happening on normal perspex cover which is more durable that the motorsport cover.


I was at Oulton Park a few weeks back and waiting in the pitlane queue behind a Tracksense Exige during an extended red flag stoppage when I noticed that the offside front edge of the bonnet cover was sticking up a good half inch or more. Oddly it was flush on the nearside and appeared to fit eveywhere else. I can only assume that the cover was somehow warped. A bit of gaffer tape soon saw it flush again. I dont think it would have stayed on if it had gone straight out.

Mine sticks up a little bit on one side and have had no probs.


Ian we had heard that, but as long as your engine cover is OK thats the main thing