Engine Cover

Has anybody expereienced the engine cover lifting at speed?

This happened to my Exige and the result was that the car (unsurprisingly) became very unstable, the engine cover went up like a sail and damged both the cover and the roof panel. Lotus say this is impossible but I and my passenger both experienced it ?? The root cause seems to have been a faulty (sticking) latch, once again does any one have expereience of that ?



Yikes, not good

I can only recall hearing of one other that has done this, & then I think that it was whilst on track at Donington. I may be completely wrong, but I think it was BT52’s car - no doubt he or SWMBO will confirm/deny

Similar thing did happen to Mark @ Donington, but not sure if he’d inadvertantly left the lid “open” (while appearing shut)

I inadvertantly left my cover open at Elvington last week…only found it at the end of the session and was surprised that I had not noticed it at all…maybe I was really lucky that it didn’t fly up?

Hate to admit this but I also left mine open at Donington in the summer and went out for 20 mins full-on… no problems but I sh!t myself when I went round to open the hatch when I came into pits after the session . So I think its reasonably safe… I think youd need a pretty severe cross-wind to have it lift