Engine cover scratches removal

Does anyone know what the engine covers are made of and is it possible to polish out light scratches.

Are you referring to the standard (clear) cover? IIRC this is a polycarbonate laminate. I don’t know if scratches will polish out, however the first signs of delamination of the clear part can look like ‘swirl’ type scratches. If this is the case you will need a new one i’m afraid…

Maybe someone else will have a more positive view??

Can you buy a poly cover now???

Yup they are on the shelf between the hen’s teeth and the rocking-horse shit :smiley:

Yes it`s the clear one, they are just light scratches on the outside.

I did have a look on the De roure site to see if they gave any info on the material and there was a price given

£1300 :astonished:

Sure there is a product on the market that you just put on like polish to bring the polycarb back up.

Ive seen it used on the rear engine cover of a F40.

Yes I have the same recollection Gav, it came out better than new.

That has me thinking now…

By chance were we on a trackday at brands hatch or donny with a guy who was there in a F40 and we stood talikng to him about it?

I did it on a detail


Used Swissvax Vinyl Clear on sponge applicator by hand and rub off by hand using microfibre cloth

See it here

Ferrari quoted the owner £14k for a replacement.

This stuff is pretty good…

It was the second link that Damon posted that I had remembered Gav.

Essentially they are very fine paint polishers badged as a vinyl restorer.

They are superfine. DO NOT use an abrasive paint polish.

Fantastic job Damon.

Looking at the swissvax site tonight I can’t find it. It was 7 years ago but IIRC Swissvax admitted it was just their cleaner fluid rebadged. But speak to them directly (although the UK distributor has changed since then)

Thanks. Like a previous life now that business

I would never do an F40 again. Get it wrong and the damage would be more than a years revenue for your average detailer, insurance needed.

Drop the rear clam and damage hinges and Ferrari would charge £50k for replacement.

I’ve restored a couple of aircraft transparencies in my time and found micro mesh to be a decent product. Be aware its a time consuming job and if you dwell in the same area for too long you can create a fish eye effect. It just depends how bad the scratches are. For lighter stuff, def go with one of the abrasive pastes.

Thanks for the replys folks I have a few options to try now.

The scratches are not to bad so I do not want to make them worse.
I have a bike screen that I will try first It will be cheaper if that goes wrong than the engine cover.

If the scratches are really fine you could always use a whitening toothpaste, although given the cost of a replacement you’re prolly best getting a specially made for the job product

If its part number A111B0864S listed at £1366.91 Then Lotus have 2 in stock!!!