engine cover (cant open)

hi guys anyone got a clue as to how to free engine cover latch its stuck solid,tried wd40 and pressing cover down while trying latch but no joy.

Is the cable stuck at the drivers door? i.e. does it move? Have you tried WD-40’ing that part?

Otherwise a large circular saw should do it

is it mark?thanks for reply. yeh the black catch that you pull wont budge it turns but wont pull and yeh wd40ied it maybe it needs to soak in for a while.think i will give the circular saw a miss for now ha ha.

be careful not to snap the cable otherwise you will be in trouble…

This may help… If you snap the cable… Maybe…


thanks mark thats realy helpfull,let you know if it works.


If you remove the rear wheel arch liner, you should be able to see the cable & then give it a tug

On the (UK) driver’s side Pesky?

On the (UK) driver’s side Pesky?

Yep, that’s the one

BINGO!needed extra pair of hands, one to push down on the engine cover while i pulled the catch.gave it a good greasing and now works fine.