Engine Compartment Cover

I purchased my Exige in April and it has been sitting mainly at my race shop awaiting some modifications. I had an opportunity to go to a track day with Lotus Engineering here in the states so I went to put run-in miles on the car.The engine compartment cover hasn’t been easy to close and now it has become a major event to shut it. It just doesn’t seem to want to latch.Anyone experience this and, if so, how did you remedy the problem.Thanks

meat,The adjustments are carried out by adjusting the hinge fixings.Phil

PhilCould you please be a bit more specific? It appeared that the cover was mounted via bolts to the body and to the cover. I couldn’t see any adjustments on the hinge mechanism, but maybe I wasn’t looking in the right spot???Thanks[This message has been edited by meat (edited 01 July 2002).]

The hinge has elongated holes to allow for side to side movement, loosen the nuts and you will see the amount of movement you have, if you need to raise the cover place some washers under the hinge…I had the same problems and this fixed mine.HTHPhil

PhilI will take a look for this. Thanks.Now that you mention it, I do have marks where the cover comes in contact with the rear edge of the roof. I guess this is preventing it from coming down far enough and raising it would give me a better angle???

hmmmm i’m not saying if it will or wont, Lotus body panels have a mind of there own, sometimes there is nothing you can do to make them fit !!Good luck

Whatever you do MAKE SURE IT CLOSES PROPERLY AND DOESN’T POP OPEN!!! (see other thread) :frowning:

Over a period of time my engine cover has moved closer to the roof. ie - there’s now a half inch gap at the between it and the back of the car and virtually nothing where it meets the roof, Hence, when I open it, it catches the roof - only a matter of time before something cracks/chips.So had a neb at it today - on the hinge there are four nuts on the bottom part of the hinge (that attach to the roof) and three nuts on the top of the hinge (that attach to the cover)Anyone any advice on which I should remove to adjust? and how to adjust them - washers?Any help appreciatedCheers, Tim

Hi TimHad to adjust mine last week, its the three nuts on the top hing which you carry out the adjustment with, slacken them just enough so that you can manover the engine cover to the correct position, then nip them up, should take about ten minutes.Dave

Thanks Dave - I’ll give that a go.Cheers, Tim

Yep - the three bolts are the key.Loosen them up and adjust away.

Meat, DaveYep - sorted - looked like a two man job so I got a mate round to tighten the nuts back up while I held it in position.Cheers, Tim

Two people would make it easier.I found that when I got the top where I wanted it and then raised it up that it would move on me before I could tighten the bolts.So, I tightened the bolts a bit and then they would hold better as I raised it.

quote:Originally posted by meat:Two people would make it easier.Wifes (well mine anyway) are not the most advisable other party, as it can involve a degree of holding the thing up above the head and they (well mine anyway) can tire quite easily (and not just of my humour!).Ian [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/smile.gif[/image]

Whilst on the subject of engine covers, has anybody come up with an alternative to my piece of dowling with a rubber bung on each end ?It was working fine until I knocked it with my arm and got trapped. Grass mowing neighbours much amused !

I use an extendable hood prop from Griot’s Garage.It’s aluminum so it’s nice and light! [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/grin.gif[/image]Although, I could knock it out if I hit it hard enough…

RobLook at the “Gallery” link on http://www.bookatrack.com On 21st July there is a section “RussT’s car at Emerald”, one of the photos shows the struts which Russ & I have on our cars.