Engine Builders

Can anyone recommend a good engine builder?

He is actually an artist so not really his business but he can do some of the best K’s out there: Simon Erland (alias KingK here)

Lots of polemic here about him and the other established tuners/builders, but call him and make up your mind.

Having seen Steve Butts car out on track and knowing of its performance Dave Andrews builds a bloody good K series.


As good as DVA’s engine building is, I can proudly say that Bri Drought and I built my engine (and the 1.8 that made excellent power/torque).

DVA did his usual magic to the cylinder heads used in both engines and along with Bernard Scouse, Dave Walker and Warren Johnson, has given me endless help and advice on how to build a good engine.

I hava decision to make over the winter…do I pull it apart and have some more porting work done, try some new cams and a different manifold design to catch up with DVA’s latest 1.9 success…

I may or may not - Steve Guiglielmi (driver at Tuner GP) said my car is plenty quick enough and that I should spend more time on the car setup now!


I think he is right…



I think he is right…


I agree. Steve, you are beyond the point of getting significant gains from your engine without spending shedloads of money. You need to put real some effort into getting the weight down



So DVA is turning away business - but then he’s got a good enough rep despite unfounded and unporven allergations on this internet forum to have a long waiting list of customers, so I’d be waiting until winter anyway!

Bernard , shaved another 2.5kg off the car yesterday! And my 1kg brake discs may arrive soon!

Paul Fisher on +44 (7939) 269034 (based in Peterborough). He’s best known for his work on historic engines: BDAs, BRMs and the like. Totally lacking in bullshit and everything he’s done for me has been utterly bulletproof.

shaved another 2.5kg off the car yesterday! And my 1kg brake discs may arrive soon!

Bloody hell mate, if it gets any lighter it will blow away!! Fair Play!!!