Engine bay cover loose....

Anybody had this with their engine bay cover. Popped the perspect cover to check the oil and noticed excessive play at the hinge point in the roof . Looked closer and I saw that the pivot bar has come away on the right hand side. Cant see if it was a nut holding it in place or what. If so how the hell do you fit it when there is next to no space to get any tools in ???




There are 3 nuts that hold the cover on, you will need a 10 mm spanner to get to them.

Prop the cover open with a piece of wood and you can then tighten them.

Cheers - suspect I may need to buy a couple of new nuts (no comments please ) and try and fit them - I dont need to get them from Lotus dealer do I?


Nothing special about them make sure you use Nyloc nuts (they have a blue piece of nylon in them that grips the thread) I think they are M6 in size, Halfords, B&Q etc carry them.

There is also a large washer behind the nuts, if one has been lost replace it with the same size as this spreads the clamping force and will stop the grp from cracking. Just dont do them up too tightly

Sounds to me as if you might mean the hinge is loose on the right hand side, rather than the nuts that hold the cover to the hinge…

If that is the case, the way you get to them is by undong the three nuts that hold the cover to the hinge, and then there is loads of room…

I took the cover off completely at the weekend, I had excessive ‘flex’ in the whole hinge bracket, also the stop had been bent by previous owner or Garage and the cover was rubbing on the roof. If you have a radio you have to unplug the the aerial and power cable, I then removed the 4 M6 Nylocs that hold the whole thing on and removed the cover, its a bit fiddly and probably best to get someone to help, mainly so you don’t do any damage. Once out of the car you have clear access to the 2 M6 cap head bolts that are used as a pivot point, sounds like yours is missing/sheared off.