Emmison test

If you’ve got a standard ECU, the idle speed should be set at 1250rpm. If I were you, I’d adjust it before doing the emissions test. It’s very easy to adjust as I described in an earlier post.
I belive the 177 and 190 ECUs both have the same rev limit, which is at something like 7950rpm.

Not sure on the power delivery after 7000rpm being more on the 190 as my car I think is a 177 car. I had the stat replaced last week and it came out as a 88d one, also I removed the resonator valve and the second air filter which were still in place. I rang Lotus and they said that there was paperwork indicating it was a 190 on the build sheet but now the car has been apart I think it is probably a 177 car. My limiter kicks in at about 7800-7900 but it pulls hardest from 7000rpm?. Could I have a mix mash of two different specs?.

Well there’s a certain amount of stuff that changes it to the 190 spec but really AFAIK the only “important” bit for power that can just be done in about 30 seconds is the cam timing, which can only be checked with the cam cover off.

The inlet cam get advanced 4deg or something like that… The rest of the stuff, 82deg stat, CRP, exhaust, res valve (although that should be pulled off anyway, was only there to pass EU drive by noise tests), 2nd air filter is all pretty optional as far as I can tell IYSWIM.


the important bit…

the ECU map…


get the IACV cleaned… or at least checked… BEFORE you go messin with idle settings at the throttle bodies.

Also get it checked for air leaks around all the inlet gubbins.

I belive the 177 and 190 ECUs both have the same rev limit, which is at something like 7950rpm.

Really? I thought the 190s was up a little bit, where some of the extra power actually comes from.


I’m fairly sure I read that somewhere. I think the info came from the Lotus technical author.

First of all just forget the 800 rpm… it was written on the Mot test paper, but its not actually 800rpm… opsss
Its just fine the idle speed … But thanks for helping me with my non existing problem

Have also made a new emmison test with the CAt fitted, and its good:) I will get the printout on monday… At the same time they will remove the CAT , and put in some new SRF brake fluid:)) So it looks like I will be the lucky owner of an Exige on monday

Fineally I bought a black 2000 mod Exige. Yohooooooooo…Hope I wont get to much problems with it
Ill try to post pic later on )) Thanks for all the help
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Well done, mate

Wow, finally!

Welcome to the trip!

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For information: Here are the emmsion result after CAT fitted: CO: 0,01%
CO corr: 0,01
CO2: 13,9%
HC : 11 ppm
O2 : 1,89 %
Lambda: 1,094
( AFR?? : 16,1) Dont ask me what this is

AFR is air fuel ratio, the ideal reading is 14.7:1 which basically means 14.7 parts air to 1 part fuel. This is the so called stoichiometric ratio and is theoretically where the mixture burns to give best/lowest emmissions… should equate to a Lambda reading of 1