Emissions Testing

Drove past a Police/Dept of Transport roadside testing place today - just off M1 J36 at Tankersley, heading towards Sheffield. Fortunately I was not driving my de-catted Exige, nor was I one of the unsuspecting drivers pulled in for a check. However, a very newish SAAB was being tested with an official probe stuck up its exhaust pipe.

Anyone else ever come across any of these tests on their travels around the UK?

No - and I don’t want to…

What would happen if you failed - would they know the difference between a cat and a replacement pipe???

Would they throw me in jail??

Or just impound the car???


There really are better things to do than harass drivers like that! Do they check your music collection for copies whilst they’re about it?!


Yes Ian … I think in Switzerland they do just that

But consider you can be fined over her ( Germany today ) for washing your car at home and walking a red right on a pedestrian crossing ( clearly not at the same time - although …) , while in Italy its ok to pass a police car with blue lights flashing on the autostrada at 180K’s

Point being … er … I love Italy …

Yes Ian … I think in Switzerland they do just that

walking a red right on a pedestrian crossing ( clearly not at the same time - although …) ,
Point being … er … I love Italy …

So that’s where you do yer walking in red lights

Rob - S Yorks leading the way in saving the planet! - having blitz at mo on motorists as serious crime is proving a tad more difficult to solve - get your cat refitted if you want to enter this part of England’s green and pleasant land

So what is the penalty if you’re over the limit?

Having just bought my exige with a 190 upgrade along with petrol fumes I thought I would get the emissions checked by a guy I know to see if it would fail an mot test when due in a years time. As I have the sports cat fitted it passed with flying colours. He carried out the (B.E.T.) basic emissions test with the probe up the old girls exhaust and the levels were fine although quite high but this is to be expected of this beast of car tough. Howver it did fail badly on the lights as they were pointing everywhere but at the test machine. If your cars are due soon it might be worth getting them checked as it is not an easy job

Rob - its a fairly regular occurance in central manchester around the crown court area…usually walk past at lunchtime and see several bike cops and a few DoT (or whatever they are called now) zone off a lane and call in 2 or 3 cars at a time. Quite funny to see cars downstream try and duck down the side streets to avoid it!

Not sure what happens if you fail…thought it would just be a notice to get it fixed and re-tested at an MOT station within a certain timescale?

Hey guys

I passed my MOT today, apart from a failed sidelamp bulb and a headlight with a mind of its own…

The emissions equipment had trouble reading, but since the car was not on their list it did not need one they said…

Failure will get you a “vehicle defect notice” which I gives you seven days to get it sorted… Roadside stops have also been checking light transmission of windows! Windscreen and front windows have to let a certain amount of light through.

That might cause problems if they do the rear window

More relevant to an Exige is the thought ‘I wonder how much light a squashed fly lets through?’

‘I wonder how much light a squashed fly lets through?’


Not the end of the world if there’s no fine or points. Still a STUPID waste of time though.