Anyone else watch the unveiling?

Thoughts? I’m a little unsure on it’s side profile and the rear looks a little heavy around the middle. It’ll be a case of seeing one in the flesh…

I think the main thing for me is relief that it’s nowt like the renders that had a lot of people worried. Me included.

Looks like Lotus are finally back on track after a few years in the doldrums. Initial thoughts it looks absolutely ace if a little on the lardyside, weight wise. Def going to take a peek :slight_smile:

Catchpole interview’s worth a watch.

[media]NEW Lotus Emira First Look: Supercar Looks For Sports Car Money | Carfection 4K - YouTube[/media]

I think it looks great. And concur re as slight sense of relief that’s the case. I’d be keen to see one in the flesh…

Poor ol Russell Carr got a little tongue tied, and the uproar from the keyboard warriors when they were told it weighs 1400kgs.

They ignored Stefano D’aste’s comment that actually that’s pretty good for a new car with the current/future regs.

2.0 DCT or V6 Manual….the former would be tempting IMO

You are jesting Rob? :slight_smile:

My S1 Exige with a 4 pot is 869kg
My Mac570s is 1430kg - with a lardy V8

The Emira appears rather overweight, maybe it’s to accommodate the lardy prospective new owners?

I like it, in the same way I like the racey end of the Evora range.

Looking forward to seeing a carbon clad special edition in November.

Tempting as in…if you had to choose between the two engines Simon.

No intention of losing the real lotus feeling aka the S1 :sunglasses:

Rob for fun value the VHPD has it in spades, :slight_smile:, but was always looking for launch in the rearview mirror :wink:

During the presentation, not a single world about the engine and technical specifications!
Looks like an Evora remake.
A lot of BS, in my opinion, about the “every day car” concept, cupholders, plush interior and glovebox (!)
and last but not least the infotainment.
Way too heavy compared to the 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport: 1320.- kg.

For the drivers” precisely!

This is what the market is asking for?
Definitely not in my case!

Just my two cents

Have a nice day!

Wow what a great looking car, it could certainly never replace my Elise and would not have replaced my Exige if I still had it.
What it would have done would have been to replace my TTRS if I still owned that, sadly though Jacqui now has an Audi S3 cabriolet for summer everyday convertible action and my RS3 is the workhorse, therefore it can’t replace either, I’m in some ways gutted about that.

I echo your post!

Its an alternative to a GT4 Cayman , but is heavier.

I see Lotus are trying to attract a different customer to perhaps you or I?

It’s almost as if an enthusiast community of 200 geeks on a handful of forums isn’t enough to keep a car company afloat, especially when said geeks are known for clinging onto models for over 15 years at a time :laughing:

In all seriousness, this is the car Lotus needs - it’s got a tough job against the Cayman GT4 but first box is ticked… it looks bloody lovely (to my eye). If it drives half as good as it looks, that might be box number 2.

Would love it if this car gave Lotus the stability needed to launch a few skunkworks projects in the future, some crazy track version with loads of weight gutted out. Maybe we’ll get ‘proper’ Cup cars again.

With it having the AMG lump it should have some off the shelf “poke” mods ready.

The V6 is tried and tested so 460+ is achieveable.

Suspension mods ? I have no idea if its a brand new chassis or borrowed bits from other cars? The car reminds me a bit of a the A110. Dont suppose Renault/Lotus could have done a tie up here ?

As Komotec are proving, there’s life in the old V6 yet… but I wonder how close KT are to gearbox limits (or other supporting drivetrain items). That might cap how far Lotus can take it.

I’m not really into my german cars, but I think there are a few tuning packages out there already for the AMG i4. On the Catchpole video they state 360-400bhp being the operating range for it but I think Mercedes are already using it at 420 in their A45S thing - and Litchfield have packages for it too going to 435ish.

The configurator says manual transmission for the V6 and the i4… I’m suspicious that’s incorrect and the AMG will be auto only.

ETA: It’s also not clear to me yet which they’re considering the flagship and which they’re considering the ‘cheap’ one. V6 would be the obvious flagship because more cylinders = better, but the 4cyl is (probably) more expensive to Lotus, will probably end up offering more performance (especially on the pub figures front) and I expect will be the one supplied deep into the Emira production run. I may be adding 2+2=5 but I would imagine they’re just using up old stock on the V6 :laughing:

^^ this. I don’t want to turn Exige’s.com into seloc, I come here for the relaxed conversation, but the Emira isn’t aimed as a replacement for the exige (of any generation). It’s similar to Porsche launching the cayenne many years ago and the uproar, lotus need to appeal to a new generation or owner, creat broader appeal, shift more cars and make some money. So hardcore lotus fans are likely not their target, because in reality there aren’t enough and they don’t buy enough cars. They are trying to go mainstream.

I’ve had 6 Lotus and the newest is from 2001. I have huge brand loyalty but I’ve never brought a car after the series 1. So I personally can’t complain it’s heavy etc because everytime they have launched a car aimed at me I haven’t put my hand in my pocket…

I want Lotus to thrive snd I think whether it leans on the Evora or otherwise it’s a massive step forward. If it had a bare interior, was a pig to get in and out of, was smelly, leaked a bit but weighed 500kg and drove brilliantly, we’d be applauding, but who else other than this small community would buy it?

The a110 hasn’t been a success, it’s actually a flop, and it’s lauded constantly. The Audi TT is a huge success and candidly that’s not my cup of tea. But it sells because it’s accessible and useable as a product.

I think yhe Emira is fantastic for what it is, rather than what it isn’t. And who knows maybe I’ll buy a lotus less than 2O years old for the first time.

No insult to anyone else’s opinions, it’s only mine. To very top I like the friendly debate and chit chat here :+1::joy:

Purely for interest Silverstone Lotus have 50 deposits as of lunch time today. So sparked some enthusiasm.

I just hope it doesn’t creak and rattle inside. Lotus have got away with that sort of thing for years “because racecar”. You can’t alienate the hardcore minority AND fail to deliver a quality end product. :mrgreen:

Its not an alternative for the Cayman GT4, its for the Cayman or Cayman S - any GT4 rival will come later, what was launched is the foundations of the range.

They are starting with low power, more comes later once they have dropped the v6 and the I4 can be wound up.

The recent lotus range is dripping with carbon, Emira none? Launch model won’t have that, the race version comes later.

They have a racing programme in the works, so more power and lighter models will be released against that

Lotus of course are going after a different customer, as already said - they are after ones that buy new cars, and regularly, they make no money from folks that have decades old cars who go out for a ‘blat’. Lotus have to make money, and building a car for people that won’t buy a new car is utterly pointless

An easy to use Porsche rival with strong finance packages will make Lotus money - and this looks as though thats exactly what they have achieved . Lotus cannot be sustained on the same few hundred folk sweating the same car, getting it services at an indie or at home

The Emira looks good, not great but good. AMG powertrain will be developed over the years and will be plenty fast enough. Interior looks usable and welcoming - its what is needed for lotus to sell. I do think its too practical for a 2nd car, so I am still on the fence. But I’ve not cancelled my preorder and will judge it later in the year