Having read masses about Emeralds I am confused about their reliability.
The new easily adjustable version takes care of my reservations about remaps for MOT etc but I just cannot afford to have any reliability probs.
With a DVA installation and mild tuning can I expect reliability.
PS The Lotus unit has been OK to date (touch wood)but is terrible in traffic and seems to be geting worse or maybe my old bones just notice it more.

If you are talking about reliabilty of the Emerald ECU itself, I have had mine on my car for about 4 years and had absolutly no problems at all. I had it upgraded to a K3 and then converted to run the Audi, all without any probs. Its the best mod you will ever do.


NO probs at all!!!

Get one fitted by Dave Walker and set up on the rollers… you wil end up with Smooooth running AND well over 30mpg on a run!!!

No bunny hops at all… even use 4th at 30mph through town!!! It will also release all that BHP that has been hiding over the years… adding some verniers will ensure spot on timing and the very best of the engine!

Is yours a 190!!! It will prpbably only be putting out 180 ish, but add the above and you should get what it says on the tin!!!

I have been totally impressed with mine.



Listen to the boyz!!!

It must be a “no brainer” for you - Dave Walker’s place is only just up the road (15 miles!), from Chateau Young

I’m on the case…
Dave Walker does not fit them and I dont feel qualified to fit it myself…so It seems there is an agency in Bury St Edmunds that will do it and take car to DW for Mapping. Or Dave Andrews for a full engine re work!!! You rice burners wont know what hit you
Was hoping to get it done for SPA but doesnt look like it now
Well it will give me an excuse to go back next year!!!
See you next week


Can Junks assist with the fitting?

I’ve been using them for about 10 years and never had a problem with reliability.


Emeralds are quite cheap as ECU’s go. I have only ever had one problem with one and that was a 10min fix as it was a firmware issue.

Dave is also one of the best and cheapest mappers out there.

Nice to meet you the other day fella.

Hi Middo
Enjoyed Castle Combe …will certainly be back.
Have Fun

Hi Middo
Enjoyed Castle Combe …will certainly be back.
Have Fun

Middo on track?


Propping up the bar, talking dyno figures - that I could believe! Not going to tell him what my mota recently made though [image]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v222/Exiges/bill_oddie1.gif[/image]

I got one as soon as i bought thecar and it was the best upgrade i’ve had so far - not had any issues with it, and its even better now that you can change maps on the fly too

Stick it on dynoplot fella.

Stick it on dynoplot fella.

Wondered when you’d start chomping on the bit!


recession? what Recession? Nobody can fit and map for months.
Ah well just have to keep trying.