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Does anyone here know of somewhere where I can get my Emerald map tuned in the Midlands, to knock off a couple of degrees of ignition advance… my engine is still pinking under load at lowish RPM?

My laptop with VISTA is incompatable with Dave Walkers software… it won’t ‘talk’ to the ECU despite loading the Emerald software!

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Do you have the correct USB adaptor? you need an easysync one.

Knocking off a few degrees in the midrange is the work of 5 minutes…


I’m also running Vista on my lappy and using the USB adaptor that Dave supplies.

I did have a problem when i first ran the software, but found that by using a differant USB port on the lappy it now works fine. It’s worth a try.

Yes I do have the correct adaptor… Dave W is selling these now. I have downloaded the software from the CD ROM, but when I connect the computer to the ECU it is not detecting it… Graham, I will try all the ports again!

Pinking is only happening (that I can hear???) when 1/2 peadal loaded up, say 40mph in 4th in town… But I am worried that I may be getting detonation right across the rev range… how can I tell this…

The K or Emrald does not have a ‘knock’ sensor I believe??? I wish it did as adaptive timing I am sure would be a good move???

Dave, perhaps it may be possible please to have that ‘5 mins’ with you if I have no other success??? I am about 1 hour away from MC… and the drive would be well worth it to get this sorted! Dont want to ruin all that work you have done for me eh!!!

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I can certainly have a look at it for you and if we can clock exactly where it is pinking WRT load and speed sites then some retarding of the timing is straighforward.

Just need to fit it in.


Thx Dave…

Sean has also offered and he has a RR too… so that would be better…

I will let you know how I get on!

Many thx,