Emerald Maps...

Yo dudes!

Got the day off, it’s sunny and I have my Emerald working… But after going for a blat last night it’s running pretty rich on the 190 map and so seems to stutter on light throttle (and misses a fair bit when it’s cold)…

Sooooooooo… Does anyone have a map for a standard 177 engine? Or would the SB6.fig map (for a standard elise VHPD) be more suitable?

TIA again,

P.S. Vroom vroom!!!


Cool - I’m jealous

What was the problem with the fuelling yesterday?

It was one of the scotch locks hadn’t made a solid connection where two of the relays are spliced together… So off to get a soldering iron today and get it all 100%!

Emerald were sooo helpful! Top peeps!

No the SB6 map will also be to rich, Uldis is your best bet for a map

Calling Udlis!!!