Emerald ECU

Calling all K series runners with Emerald ecu upgrade.
I can’t get my ecu to link up with my laptop.(still a bit of a lappy novice).
Spoken with the people who installed it. Seems to be a bit of trial and error is needed when setting up the port.
Have tried this with no success.
I have a HP/Compaq nc6000.
Does anyone have any ideas what set-up could work.
Maybe some read-out’s with what has worked for you.

Don’t have an emerald, but i had major hassles connecting my laptop to home theatre amplifier for RS232 updates, ended up having to purchase an external USB to RS232 port for it to work. From what i could gather most laptop com ports just are not fast enough to communicate.

I also battled with the DL1 data logger with the same problems so perhaps an external port is the answer.

I’ve got a pretty old laptop and it works fine with my emerald ECU, no problems at all…

The only time I couldn’t read it was when the cable had pulled loose and wasn’t connecting.

Also IT’S NOT A STANDARD SERIAL CABLE! So don’t try and use one as it won’t work.

Have yuo only got on COM port? (the little 9 pin jobbies)

check you have +12v at pin 11 and 28…#it will work with a USB to serial adaptor…they use those at emerald you know.