Emerald ECU Problem


I am in the process of firing up the new engine in my Exige S1. i have an Emerald ECU, When i started to try and load the map i got a red light on the emerald when the ignition was on, but now the light just flashes orange??? and it still wont let me connect.

Any Ideas?


Never seen that.
Contact da man: Dave Walker.

Red light is good, it should turn green when cranking, both mean they have a crank position sensor…

First place I’d check, fir the wire into the loom, then the actual sensor / plug…

Otherwise as Uldis said, speak to Emerald, very helpful bunch!

Orange Light means (for everybody’s reference)…its FU***D

back to emerald and no more work on my baby till friday oh well.


Why didnt you give me a call?, I could have checked the configuration and your wiring, I always have a spare ECU in stock for a swap-out… My guess is that

i) it’s configured wrongly (not twin coil)
ii) it’s wired wrongly


Hi Everyone

So the ECU went back to Emerald and very kindly Karl (who works there) did all of the tests and checks to see what was wrong.
With the Emerald (everyones) the orange light comes on for a brief second as soon as you power up the ECU. It then usually turns red, so most people wouldnt notice this. If the light stays orange it means that the ECU is not getting past its boot up stage and would have to be reset at the factory…

Mine on the other hand appears to be starting up and then shutting down and then starting up again very fast… This could be due to power problems or problems with the immobiliser…more research needed me thinks.
so tomorrow will be spent in the Lotus position in the Lotus trying to fit behind the blood seats and sort this thing out. Many thanks for all of the help from everyone, and thanks Dave for the offer of help, my first instinct was to try emerald as its booked in for a session next friday…oh and if you are wondering i did the bottom end with my dad so this should be interesting!!!


Well she runs…first time in eight months and it felt good good good…very smooth and off to emerald on friday. so we will see some power results then.