EMERALD ECU Mapping ??

Does anyone know of a good mapper for the Emerald ECU in the North West ?

I would like to know if you have actual good results or just hear say ?


I know that Mr. Walker is excellent but is he is booked up for months so i was looking for a Guru closer to Home…

Not in the North West, but there is a firm called TSR in Bridgwater just off the M5 in North Somerset, (a very nice place for a weekend break!!) who mapped my audi turbo exige, which runs an emerald…

I can honestly say they are very good indeed…

My car needs a very accurate map, or it will eat itself up…

A point to note is that they prefer to map the car on the road in real conditions, where they can set it up for all the typical running situations, including steady speed motorway running etc etc (The guy who does the mapping always comes back looking Green / carsick…)

Of course they also have a rolling road - give them a ring and ask for Neil… (mention my name, and he’ll say “who?”)


Thanks just checked out the website looks like they would be a posibility, I was hoping for somewhere closer to home though !

As a matter of interest what BHP and Torque did they get out of your Audi ?

To be honest, mapping an engine, is mapping an engine. Obviously as Mike has pointed out forced induction cars have a few more parameters to deal with. But mapping an NA car is simply fuel and ignition at a given rpm and throttle angle. Anyone that is competent with mapping engines will be able to map your car. Yes there will be a small learning curve for the mapper if he has never used the emerald software before, but IMO no more than that.

I guess what I am trying to say is if you know a good engine mapper, don’t rule him out just because he hasn’t used the emerald software before.

The ignition curve is the herdest part and IMO it is what you really pay for, although you do have more leeway on an NA car than with a forced induction one.


Whilst i agree with your statement Shaun, i was trying to find out if there were any mappers in my area that are good and that members have used and can factually confirm this. Recently i witnessed at a local dyno day lots of the same make of car all tuned and mapped by different people. One of the cars stood out a mile as it had vertually no expensive mods compared to all the others but had been mapped properly by one of the best in the UK and it showed it was the third most powerfull car there in both BHP and more importantly torque. The total cost of his complete upgrade was �1200 where the two more powerful cars had spend 10’s of thousands. This mapper is so busy it is not possible to get booked in in the near future so i was seeking an alternative genius in my area if one exists.

My car at present has already been professionally mapped at a cost to the previous owner, but under close examination the map that exists is very poor in both fueling and timing yet it drives OK, seems very fast and performs on the track. It was only when checked that it was found to be way off it’s optimum settings, massively down on power and torque and incorrect timing. I am obviously looking to avoid this on the cars next visit to a Tuning Establishment !!

If you are wondering how I know that the cars current map is way off, it is because i volenteered the car as a demo vehicle on a new Dyno Dynamics Dyno last friday whilst plugged up to both the Dyno and a lap top, The figures, graphs, temp probs etc speak for themselves.

The good thing is that that after having got used to the car and being more than happy with it’s performance i now know that there is a lot more to come from this engine when correctly set up…

what BHP and Torque did they get out of your Audi ?

Original figures from emerald were 303 Ft Lbs and 312 bhp , though the 312 was an extrapolation by Bernard Scouse because after max torque we got wheelspin in fourth!!! the RR showed 304 bhp and we just extrapolated the torque curve in line with Matt Cumings pretty identical one…

To be honest TSR did not run it on the RR, and say that the best fan can only approximate about 40mph or so, and therefore the airflow is not correct for the turbo…

Subjective feel was better than the old map by Dave Walker (which was also pretty damn good BTW!), and objectively, data logging traces showed faster acceleration on my favourite test track (private land m’lud )

Next step is to rebuild the bottome end with steel, bore out to 2.0 or 2.1 and aim for around 380BHP and 350 Ft Lbs with an 8300 rev limit, whereas I currently use only 7000… (if I only had the dosh… )

Hi Mike, a few of my friends (3 to be exact) are using the Audi TT spec engines in their road toys. All of which are running much higher BHP and torque figures as well as pumping a lot of nitrous through them on a regular basis. This has proved to me how strong this engine must be and has really opened my eyes to what my winter conversion in the Lotus should be. Something very interesting all the egine and turbo specs are slightly different but the one that works the best is the 1.9 kit upgraded injectors with the VF34 turbo. It is awesome no lag and lots of power. Just Dyno’d and mapped last week it gave over 400BHP with torque to match and this is in a FWD car - it is CRAZY !!!

So to get back to my initial thread - You rate TSR and can recommend them !!

Sounds good.

Firstly, yes a big recommend - nothing they have done has caused me any problems whatsoever, and they are also ‘reasonable’ as regards costs.

As to 400bhp, yes but bear in mind that the lotus has issues as regards intercooling temps etc, which you can overcome - TSR build engines for racers and they have a guarantee scheme - last I saw they could bore out to 2.2 on this engine !!! Apparently you get a lot more squish and that results in a lot more torque, and then with a better bottom end you get more revs as well, and revs times torque = power

Next step is to rebuild the bottome end with steel, bore out to 2.0 or 2.1 and aim for around 380BHP and 350 Ft Lbs with an 8300 rev limit

Mike - you are definitely mad

Mike - you are definitely mad

Always has been, always will be! However, he is in good company here

Well Mike,

I guess that will give you about 500 BHP per tonne !!

Dhould be a bit Fruity !!!

The car is already a bit of a handful, needing sparing use of the right foot to avoid rushing off into the scenery…

If I get more power, I’ll use the throttle even more sparingly, and thus save fuel !!!