Emerald Ecu mapping question


I have a highly modded K-series engine that has been mapped by emereald

yesturday I had my laptop plugged in and tried turning on the lamba control. When I did this the idle of the car seemed allot better and not as rich! Is it worth leaving it on? I turned it off because I didnt want to upset anything!




It can’t harm anything, it will only improve your mixture, by using the lambda sensor.
Otherwise you might as well remove it!

It was probably left off by mistake, as you need it off while mapping, but after mapping it should always be ON.

Thanks for your reply uldis. can u go through the setting then. [image]http://www.rs-turbo.co.uk/settings.jpg[/image]

Does this all look correct?

Hmmm, mine looks like this:


Guess it doesn’t make that much of a difference…

hmm everything is very close apart from the Max Correction mine is allot higher then yours!

Anyone else have any idea on the settings.


Don’t worry, it’ll work ok.
But if in doubt, just call Dave Walker, I’m sure he’ll explain.

Anyone else wanna share there settings?


still intrested!


If the idle is improved by turning on closed loop then I’d suspect the current idle fuelling is way off, just some minor trims to the fuelling at idle will probably help.