Now i know what all the fuss is about. Why oh why didn’t i see the light in the Uk before coming down to New Zealand? Why did it take sub standard(low octane) rating fuel to push me to make the change?

How foolish was i? If i can recommend one thing to any S1 Exige owner past or present or in the future for those that do a search on Emerald I 100% recommend changing that Lotus ECU for an Emerald. The gain that is made for such a small outlay is remarkable. even the weight saving is worth the mission to swap them out. And i don’t say mission lightly. The splicing of each wire into the main loom and leaving that massive electrical connector in place (just in case i ever go back to the Lotus brick!) Not!!!

Now that i’ve sorted this little mission out i’m seriously thinking about a type R, 2.0 or 2.2 Mugen Honda lump.

Power is infectious and the need for power and handling is the drug of lotus ownwership.

Now off to Taupo to try the new ECU and then the rolling rod for the tweaking.

Nice one Jez