Emerald connectionplug

Hi there,Got my new Emerald M3D ECU yesterday, but I have the large Bosch-connection from the wiringloom. The ECU has a smaller (Mems?) connection. Does anyone know if the only way is to cut the loom and connect a memsplug?I�m not too keen about that.Also, is there any point in mounting Vernierpulleys if I would decide to stay with the original 177 ECU? I have catrepl. pipe and sportsexhaust.And how do you adjust the verniers??Hopefully someone can answer,Best regards Felix

Felix, I had Karl rewire mine, but they might have an adaptor plug available by now. Try Emerald first, otherwise it is a total bugger of a job.

Sorry, you will have to cut the wires from your plug and make up your MEMS connector.If you need help in wiring have a look here… http://www.myexige.co.uk then look in the upgrade section.I would say there is not much point in fitting Verniers with the standard 177 ECU, the verniers are used to adjust the lift of the valve at TDC by loosening the bolts and moving the camshaft. Make sure that you set the verniers to exactly the same as the fixed pulleys before you fit them.You will then need to go to Emerald to have them timed properly and the ECU mapped correctly.

Thank you Russ and Phil for your replies. Great page you have built up there phil, didn�t know about that.It was sad to hear that the loom has to be cut. Suzette at Race-speed assured me that it was an easy swap, just to plug in. I even asked about the Mems and Bosch-problem. Isn�t it amazing3&%�=??)/*#"Hope they will take it back now.

Sorry about that Felix, I guess your really stuck being in Sweden no easy trips to Emerald for you !!FYI the Emerald has never been plug compatable with the Exige, an Elise, yes you can just swap them over.You shouldn’t have any problem getting a refund from Race Speed.[This message has been edited by Phil Davies (edited 19 January 2003).]