Emerald and stuff on friday

As my car seems to run like a pig, and is so far out on emissions it’s having a laugh. I’ve decided to get an Emerald ECU fitted and pimped up by DVA. It’s a long old drive down, but should be well worth it. I may even recoup some of the cost by not pissing fuel out if the exhaust at all and sundry.

Can’t wait


Good move, Soggy

By “pimped up” I presume you mean verniers, & other bits?

yeah…pimped up…to the max?

I don’t know what im saying

good spec??? Hope you find out what you are buying before you pay for it

Nah…just the ecu and a reprogram.

Coz i’m a tightwad

But surely you’d save money by not having to go back later?!


I just can’t bing myself to throw loads of money at a rover…

can’t think of a good reason to throw any money at it myself…