Elvington Track Day 27-9-2003

Copied from SELOC site:
Elvington Track Day
27-9-2003 - Elvington, North Yorkshire
Last minute track day offering from Easy Track at a great discounted price.

This is an Easy Track trackday rather than a SELOC run one. However, it’s been offered at a great price of just �50 per car.

If we get 20 people sign up then the price reduces to just �40 per car.

2.2 mile circuit airfield circuit
Sign on - 8-8.20am
Briefing - 8.30am
Track Open - 9am-5pm with 1 hr for lunch
training & helmets available on the day

Because theres only 4 days to the event please sign up below and pay the organisors directly on the day.

This event is not organised, arranged or endorsed by the committee of SELOC. Members participate in this event solely at their own risk. Members are encouraged to arrange their own insurance for this event. The committee of SELOC and the organiser cannot be held responsible for any personal injury, death or loss suffered by any member of SELOC, or caused to any member of the public, howsoever caused.